Thursday, March 1, 2012

10 Best Love Story ebook free download pdf of 2011 -2012

Love is an emotion of exultation, of extreme happiness, bordering on delirium and superficial onlookers may term it as insane, as many things of the heart are so readily termed. As far as books are concerned, the most popular of the love stories are the oft-repeated boy-girl romance sagas.

Look at the most downloaded book of love stories, written by A Bushman called, quite simply, A Love Story.  The book has seen a sizeable 847 downloads until now, which tells a lot about the weight that the word ‘love’ carries.
Who doesn’t like a tinge of mystery and murder to a love story? Love on the Rocks by Ismita Tandon Dhanker explores the same formula from a new angle. This has certainly reaped rewards for the book that has been downloaded 715 times, until the time of writing.

We recently celebrated the 200th birth anniversary of Charles Dickens, and if our eBook download meter is any indicator, Mr. Dickens still charms a new generation of readers, as we have witnessed. The Charles Dickens’ book The Battle of Life: A Love Story has been downloaded 553 times, making it one of the most downloaded eBook by a 19th century writer. 
Mr. Dickens is however not alone, we have the great Leo Tolstoy’s tale of a doomed love that has found many takers too. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy has been downloaded 471 times already, and that is an impressive number for a novel that was first released as a series in a periodical, somewhere between 1873 and 1877.

Coming back to our modern times, we have Sanjeev Ranjan question the popular perceptions of the boy-girl romance in his book In Course of True Love! The book has been downloaded 559 times within a month of its addition to the eBook list. Love makes the world go round? It is certainly so in the book reading world.

Love stories continue to stimulate us, and if we go by the number of times Thomas Bailey Aldrich’s Rivermouth Romance has been downloaded, you would get an idea of the hold love has over us. The book has been downloaded 394 times within a month of its availability on the BookChums eBook section.  Aldrich (1836-1907) was an American poet, novelist, traveler, and editor.

In a similar vein, and an instance of another enduring work, we have Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility that has crossed the 400 mark in the number of downloads. The chronicle of the two Dashwood sisters, who find their hopes dashed by their two dashing prospective suitors, still has many takers. Will the Dashwood sisters find their men? Read this eBook to know more. 

A guy-girl romance has also found many faithful followers, as has been seen with the book Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn. We have already had 383 downloads on this one. The story tells about a perfectly happy man called Sebastian Grey, who just finds it impossible to sleep one night. Why is he finding it difficult, what is he missing?

The 1920 book by D.H.Lawrence, a sequel to his 1915 book The Rainbow, was controversial when it was first released. Women in Love continues the saga of the Brangwen sisters even as their search for love takes them up to the snowy Alps. With 333 downloads, this eBook enjoys a steady following, as is evident of the classics. To think that the book was severely criticized for its sexual subject matter and the way it depicts British society as it was before the First World War.

Thus we come to the end of the most downloaded list of free eBooks in the category of love stories. Farewell.   



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